Tommy White: Frankenstein's Garden


Starting October 14, 2017 The Art Store will be exhibiting Tommy White: Frankenstein’s Garden. This will be a solo exhibition entailing an ample collection of Tommy White’s work from 2013 to fresh off the easel this year. Tommy was born in Detroit and his painting career began at Clemson University where he received his M.F.A. focused on painting and then a B.A. in ceramics from Michigan State University. Subsequently he chaired the painting department of Cleveland Institute of Art and then taught at the University of Oklahoma. His work is in many private, institutional and corporate collections across the United States and he has exhibited in 24 states and Washington, D.C. His work has also been shown internationally in Melbourne, Australia and Seoul, South Korea.

According to Mr. White, "My paintings explore the relationship between environment, psyche, and balance. Environment is characterized by any tangible force affecting an individual’s physical and/or conscious/unconscious self. Hard-edged monochromatic grids framed by neutral grays depict this. Psyche is represented by the lyrically ornate, amalgamated black and white imagery. Compositionally, these disparate elements attempt to develop a sense of harmony and poise.   Upon further examination, one recognizes that the environment is slightly off-kilter, positioning the psyche to seek balance. By amassing and manipulating accessories of perceived value, like positioning weights on a scale, a remedy is sought. For many, these accessories have become comforts of consolation, small vices that enable us to rationalize and navigate within our contingent world.

My formal investigations focus on three primary concerns: subtleties of hue, visual activity, and pareidolia (psychically charged imagery). I attempt to optically animate each composition by combining these elements pictorially. This effect varies from piece to piece, ranging from readily apparent to something quite subtle."  

The opening will be October 14, 2017 from 6:00 to 7:30 pm with an artist talk at 6:30. This show will be exhibited until November 17. Our Red Dot Day - Artists inventory reduction - Everything must sell! event will be on Saturday, November 18. Then, "Winter Magic", our holiday show will open.



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Tommy White: Frankenstein's Garden

Oct 14 – Nov 17, 2017