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ARTicles #2


Framing Original Artwork

There are three main rules in framing original artwork:

  • First, do no harm. NEVER dry-mount your original or valuable art.
  • Second, preservation.  Keep your art safe from harm by always using acid free framing products. Which means they are archival or museum quality.   This includes the backing board, mats, tape and glass or plexiglass.  Glass should be UV rated.
  • Third, ensure that all techniques used in framing are reversible.  It is essential that all framing materials can be safely removed at any time so the art is not harmed.   This directly impacts the value of the art.


Threats to original/valuable art:

First and foremost is sunlight.  No work should be hung where sunlight passes directly over it. Light changes the microenvironment inside the frame causing swelling and contraction, which ages the art very quickly.  UV Blocking glass/acrylic should always be used. Even with the UV blocking sunlight is three times as damaging as incandescent light.

The second and third threats are heat and humidity.  A difference of 18 degrees Fahrenheit doubles the rate of chemical reactions, so going from 60 to 78 degrees doubles the risk of damaging oxidation.  Materials used in framing absorb and release water, so a constant level of humidity is better for art versus changing humidity levels.  Low humidity is still the best.


At The Art Store we only uses acid-free, archival mats, backing board and tape.  Our glass and acrylic are 98% UV blocked.  We have an experienced framer along with an excellent selection of frames. No matter what shop you use for your framing needs, make sure they take the above precautions.




ARTicles #2

Mar 20 – Apr 20, 2018