Jim Gibson, 1937 - 2018



On August 13, 2018 (my birthday) a good friend and artist I represent died. His name was Jim Gibson. If you are interested in seeing his works, a list of exhibitions or his biography, please go to our website theartstorewv.com.  Right now, I would like to talk about the person I knew.


Jim was always upbeat. He told me that my Gallery was the most professional one in which he shows (he probably told all Galleries that, but I took it as a special compliment).  He loved coffee with sugar, no not sugar, sweetener - the one I never heard of until he told me about it (Truvia) so now I have an entire box.


Jim’s wife, Bette, always kept his work organized, sending us images of pieces he wanted to bring to The Art Store.  They carefully wrapped each piece, loaded them in their van and drove from Murfreesboro, Tennessee to Charleston, West Virginia.  We helped them unload and unwrap; they told us the title of each one, usually with a great story and we would discuss prices – it was always a lively discussion!


I like Jim’s work and have collected a bunch of it. I think my favorite piece is a sculpted metal t-shirt!  Jim had a subtle sense of humor, he reflected on current news and old wars and he often sculpted woman with hats that looked like they could speak to you. Jim had an uncanny ability for making his work the perfect proportions and utilized a wide selection of materials from wood, brass, gunmetal, bronze to Corten Steel and aluminum.


Of course, The Art Store still has Jim’s sculpture – a varied selection that I hope purchasers find as compelling as I do and consider his work as unique as it is well-sculpted.


I will miss Jim. 


Lisa Fischer-Casto

Jim Gibson, 1937 - 2018

Aug 15 – Oct 15, 2018