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Jewel Tones


The Art Store is pleased to announce the first exhibit of 2016 with a selection of works titled Jewel Tones. The exhibition features a selection of works with colors that resemble those of gemstones.

Exhibiting artists include Jim Gibson, David Pushkin, Susan Petryszak, Laurie Goldstein-Warren, Susan Poffenbarger, Diane White, David Riffle, Ellie Schaul, Tommy White, George Snyder and more. Laurie Goldstein-Warren is a newly represented artist by The Art Store.

Chris Dutch and Robin Hammer’s jewel toned “Highland Kite” piece, is a handcrafted liquor cabinet made of cherry, walnut and maple wood with stained glass panels and hand painted details. Displayed inside of the cabinet is Hot Glass Alley’s rocks glasses available in ruby, pink, gold topaz, green, cerulean blue and purple.

The exhibition will continue through January 31st.

Jewel Tones

Jan 7 – Feb 1, 2016